untitled (JUDGMENT), 2018


A soundtrack performed serially by multiple musicians,
spread out in earshot in a circuit.
6 September 2018
The Averard Hotel
10 Lancaster Gate
London W2 3LH
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The performance creates a sculptural soundtrack for a still image. The soundtrack elaborates a musical, melodramatic theme in a sculptural, and architectural manner by ‘moving’ around the space. The music is a simple chord progression with a basic rhythmic composition, lyrics and the music is self-arranged by the musicians.

The spatial arrangement of the players in the building, and the order of their playing is intended to create movement of sound around the viewers to develop a complex and unique experience; sometimes tuneful, sometimes noisy, often silent. The musicians are spread, distantly, but within earshot of each other, over two floors, 15 rooms and connecting hallways. They are arranged in a circuit. The performance begins with one player or singer playing one note or ‘hit’ of music, then the next player (in space) plays the same (first) bar and continues. Each time around the music gains notes until several bars are played as a theme. The theme overlaps for each player by one bar. In this way, there is a serial expression of sound or quiet throughout the space in both start, playing and finish. The music travels through the buildings like a giant snake with a belly full of canon. This spatial experience of the music mimics the sweeping sound effects in melodramatic cinema, but in this case, the metaphorical ‘sweep’ is replaced by a coordinated physical movement of production of sound across and up and down the building.

Produced by:
Heath Lowndes
Alex Meurice
Isabelle Utzinger

Music and Lyrics:
Edward Nash
Egle Jauncems
Dustin Ericksen

Aaron Allerton – guitar
Adam Bonser -double bass
Emma Christian – vibes
Chloë Dichmont – voice
Myles Egan – software
Dustin Ericksen – banjo
Anthony Faroux – drums
Damian Griffiths – guitar
Paul Hookham – drums
Marc Hulson bass
Lee Johnson – bass
Julian King – guitar
Henri Kisielewski – chargé d’affaires
Gary MacDonald – guitar
Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez – bass
Edward Nash – Music Director, guitar
Fabian Peake – alto saxophone
Neena Percy – alto saxophone
Rob Pratt – drums
Jue Sota – singing pipe
Hugo Trouiller Varaldi – guitar
Isabelle Utzinger – keyboard synthesizer
Martynas Vaikasas – guitar
Alex Vaos – percussion
Katie Wilkes – keyboard synthesizer
Jameelah Yagoub – voice
Maria Zahle – electric piano and voice



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